Frequently asked questions

Can I have more than 90 people for a sit down meal in one room?

Social suite and Ante room combined can only accommodate up to 90 people. This is the biggest room at Ewell Court House. You can have up to 120 people in the house when you book the celebration rooms. 

My event is for a small number of guest. Can I book just one room?

During the weekdays (Mon-Thurs), you are able to book one or as many rooms/areas as you like. The weekend however we only offer the celebration rooms.

Can we view the house?

Of course, please contact the venues team on 020 8786 7400 or email us at We can book you in for an appointment with one of our team members during the day time on weekdays and 9am – 1pm on Saturdays (subject to available appointment times and other bookings in place).

What is your booking process?

> Full contact details will be required.
> With the information and booking times discussed with you, we will update our system, send you a booking form to sign and return. Upon receipt of booking form, the event will be confirmed.
> You will be required to inform us of all details, taking place at your event. Suppliers booked for your event will need to be approved before they can provide their services at the venue.

Will I be expected to pay the full cost of hire as soon as my booking is confirmed?

Once you have confirmed your booking with us, we will inform our finance department, who will in turn, send you an invoice. Upon receipt of invoice, you will be required to pay a deposit of 50% of the hire straight away, then the remaining 50% at least 28 days before your event date.
If you wish to book a room within a 28 day period, you will be required to clear payment straight away before your event can be confirmed fully.

What is latest time we can play music?

Monday – Thursday 11pm, Friday & Saturday 12am and Sunday 10:30pm.

Can we bring our own electrical equipment?

You are allowed to bring equipment for use in the hired area subject to compliance with all health & safety regulations, including, but not limited to PAT certification. Please let us know what equipment you will be bringing at the time of booking.

Do you have any other rooms, I can hire as well as the celebration rooms?

Yes. We also have the committee room. We can add this as an additional room to hire.

What are the celebration rooms?

The celebration rooms is a package of rooms/areas perfect for a wedding or a large scale event. The clebration rooms consist of whist room, social suite, ante room, bar area, hallway and kitchen all on the ground floor & a large meeting room on the first floor.

Are the hire cost any different based on the seasons?

We offer a peak and off peak rate. Please contact us for further information.

Can we get married at Ewell Court House?

Yes you can. We are a licensed wedding venue. You will need to arrange for a registrar to be present on the day of your wedding. Our local registry office is Weybridge & can be contacted on 0300 200 1002 or via

If we decide to get married elsewhere or at registry office, can we still hire Ewell Court House for an after function?

Yes you can. Please get in contact with us, if you would like further information.

Do we need wedding/event insurance?

We recommend that you take out your own insurance to avoid any losses or damages incurred. We also remind you to refer to our terms & conditions.

Can I select my own caterers other than the ones on your approved list?

Yes indeed. They will need to be professional caterers. We would need to see proof of their high food standard agency certification, suitable and appropriate public liability insurance cover and proof of appropriate and safe food handling practise. Upon approval of the above documentation, the caterers can allowed to use our facilities.

Are BBQ's & hog-roasts allowed at Ewell Court House?

Yes, BBQ's and hog-roasts are possible catering methods accepted at the house, however they can only be carried out on the small grassed area to the side of the house, nearest the kitchen, and can only be provided by one of our listed and approved caterers. Unfortunately no other caterer will be allowed to provide this service. 

Can we bring our own food & drink?

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Is there an alternative and easy access for suppliers and caterers other than the front door of the venue?

Yes there is. If you would like suppliers and caterers to enter through an alternative door, then they can drive up to the side of the house and enter through the back doors.

Are you at Ewell Court House, able to run the bar for our wedding function or event?

Our bar area is not stocked. You would be required to hire a mobile bar company to serve at your wedding function or event. There are rules and licensing requirements that would need to be adhered to as well. Please get in contact with us, if you would like further information.

What is latest time we can have a bar?

Monday – Thursday 11pm, Friday & Saturday 12am and Sunday 10:30pm.

Do you supply the furniture and equipment or is there an additional cost for this?

We have 9 round 6ft tables (only available in the social suite and ante room), 5ft & 6ft trestle tables, square tables, garden furniture and plenty of chairs for your event (subject to availability). We also have a sound system (social suite & ante room combined), microphones and projector & screen (only in ante room) should you wish to use. The tables and chairs can also be set up according to your plans. This is all at no extra cost. Please get in contact with us, if you would like further information.

Are we allowed to use confetti?

Confetti is not allowed in the house, the only exception to this is table decorations and the hirer must ensure that all decorations are removed from the venue at the end of the hire period.

Do I need to take rubbish away or is a bin provided?

All rubbish will need to be removed from the venue and disposed appropriately at the end of your hire. This is including all areas used by your arranged 3rd party suppliers such caterers and bar company.

Can we use a smoke/haze machine?

Unfortunately, no. this is due to our fire regulations at the house.

Are we allowed candles?

No naked flames are permitted within the house.

Is there disable access to the house?

Yes there is, directly into the social suite. Using the side gate to the house onto the terrace, you can enter through the automatic fire exit door.

Are there car parking facilities available at the venue?

Yes there is, 36 spaces in total. Parking is free however Monday to Friday it is restricted to 3 hour maximum stay up until 18:00 hours.

Can we hire sections of the park as part of our package?

Unfortunately not. As the park is a public accessible space we cannot offer any dedicated use of this area as part of a booking in the house.

Do you have technical facilities at the venue that we can use during our hire?

Yes we do, in the social suite and ante room combined. Having both rooms together offers a surround sound system which is DVD/CD/MP3/AUX compatible, projector and screen as well as handheld and hands free mic.

Other than weddings and parties, can your venue accommodate any other types of bookings?

Yes we can. You can hire our rooms for all types of events;
Meetings and AGMS
Seminars and classrooms
Dance groups
Mini clubs and classes
And many more…

We are a charitable organisation, are we able to discuss the hire charges?

Please contact us to discuss this further.


I would like to hire a room or rooms at Ewell Court House for community use, is there a different rate for community hire?

Please contact us to discuss this further.

Can we hire rooms on a regular basis?

Yes of course (subject to availability). Please contact us to discuss this further.