Ewell Court park

Ewell Court park fountain

Spending a day in the park can be a memorable visit. With a beautiful setting, the historical ground is complete with fountains, cascades, rock pools and its own secret grotto. You can also complete your by visiting the Ewell Court library and the tea room.

The area around the lake was landscaped by James Pulham & Son, who specialised in artificial rockwork, grottos and fountains. The ornamental pond and fountain that was situated south west of the house is now a colourful flower bed set into the original basin and the grotto that was set in to the old kitchen garden wall remains.

The Bourne stream which rises in nearby Nonsuch park, flows through the grounds on its way to the river Hogsmill. It was dammed to form a lake and the water then tumbles down a pulhamite (a kind of faux stone) cascade before meandering its way to join the Hogsmill. The Packhorse Bridge is a Grade II listed, 18th-century; single semi-circular brick arch over the Bourne stream.